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Dear Editor

Thank you for your insightful article in Tuesday`s edition of the KT. (Cambodia’s Middle Class, Oct. 21). I thoroughly agree that for a true `middle class` to emerge in Cambodia, it will require at least another educated generation to emerge… sadly, the Khmer Rouge decimated the entire society, which, though amazingly quickly, is still re-emerging.
Thanks again, 
Remy Zero, 
Kompong Som
Dear Editor

The level of attention being given to the current whereabouts of Michael Edward Harris for alleged crimes committed abroad may be compared to the total lack of effort being given to finding Sila Ratanak, the driver believed to have killed Irishman Tomas Beecher in a hit and run incident on Monivong Boulevard. It is obvious that, unlike Ms Ratanak, Mr Harris is not sufficiently well-connected in the country.
Robert Dagge
(Note: This letter was written before Cambodian Police captured Mr. Harris on Tuesday. He is to be deported Friday to the United States for trial).

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