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AIDS authority plans skill training programme

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
Officials discuss the programme. Kampuchea Thmey

The National AIDS Authority, in cooperation with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, will provide skills training and improve treatment for HIV sufferers through a five-year strategic plan running from 2020 to 2025.


Teng Kunthy, NAA secretary general, on Wednesday announced the project during a ceremony to recognise the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s success in reaching out to one million HIV suffers in 42 countries, including Cambodia.

He noted that the five-year programme will include training HIV sufferers to support themselves in addition to continuing efforts to improve treatment.

“We will continue to work on improving the livelihoods of people living with HIV and complement the charitable work being done by Her Excellency Bun Rany, the president of the Cambodian Red Cross,” Mr Kunthy said. “We have to work together to bring the benefits to patients.”

“We have observed that those whose family economy is not so good cannot afford to travel to seek treatment and their conditions deteriorate because they are undernourished,” he added.

Mr Kunthy said that teaching them skills to earn a living will enable them to pay for travel to seek treatment and also get medication for their condition to prolong their lives.

He noted that NAA will cooperate with the Health and Social Affairs ministries to teach HIV sufferers tailoring, animal planting, livestock rearing and cosmetic make-up skills during the five-year programme.

Srey Vanthoun, executive director of AHF Cambodia, said that his organisation is providing input to draft the five-year plan because it has many years of experience working with HIV patients.

“We will keep cooperating with the authorities to deal with HIV cases and also help the government draw up the strategic programme by providing input,” he said.

Mr Vanthoun noted that AHF has so far supported more than 30,000 HIV sufferers in Cambodia.

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