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Ongoing and Upcoming Events

1 Jul onwards : Rainforest Lumina

10 Nov – 1 Jan : Christmas on a Great Street

1 Dec : ZoukOut

1 Dec – 26 Dec : Christmas Wonderland

More events : http://www.visitsingapore.com/festivals-events-singapore/

Event Spotlight: Rainforest Lumina

For over four decades, the Singapore Zoo has offered its visitors an up-close encounter with the wonders of wildlife. Just as you think you have seen all that they can offer, the Singapore Zoo is offering you another way to experience the magic of rainforests.

Rainforest Lumina first opened in July 2018, as the zoo’s gift to its visitors to celebrate its 45 years of success and wildlife preservation. This new attraction is a multimedia nightwalk through a one-kilometre trail, featuring enchanting light displays with complementary sound installations and fun interactive exhibits, giving everyone the chance to experience the Singapore Zoo in a unique way. Be mesmerised by orangutans, pangolins, flying foxes, white tigers, hornbills and many other animals, albeit in their virtual forms. Also known as the ‘Creature Crew’, these virtual animals are projected on various interactive exhibits.

When the day ends for the real animals inside the zoo to take a well-deserved rest, the ‘Creature Crew’ takes on the role of providing bliss and adventure to every animal lover who visits them.

Some zones in Rainforest Lumina include “Call of the Wild”, where the Zoo’s Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia is turned into a canvas for a multimedia projection, which illustrates how the Creature Crew come together in times of adversity to overcome challenges and protect the jungle; “Play like an Animal”, where the Creature Crew acrobatically hop alongside you, as you unleash your inner child by hopping on illuminated pads; and “Sing like an Animal” where singing into illuminated microphones summon the Creature Crew. Come and experience a totally different spectacle at the Singapore Zoo as it transitions from day to night.

But more than the grand sights inside Rainforest Lumina, the multi-sensory night walk experience is designed to raise awareness on rainforest conservation. The “Creature Crew” stands as a fun and enchanting reminder that every species has the power to give back to Mother Nature.

If you would like to visit this exciting and new exhibition at the Singapore Zoo, be the first person to email Khmer Times on three things you love about Singapore and you will win a pair of Singapore Zoo and Rainforest Lumina tickets for your next visit to Singapore! Email [email protected] your answers, full name, contact details and address. Are you game?

For more details on Rainforest Lumina, visit https://rainforestlumina.wrs.com.sg

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