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Ready for Japan escapade?

Chhum Chaivathanak / Khmer Times Share:
Ambassador Horinouchi Hidehisa leads the opening of Japan Travel Fair at Aeon Mall Sen Sok City. KT/Chhum Chaivathanak

With the apparent rise in number of Cambodians travelling to Japan for tourism, the Embassy of Japan and the Japan National Tourism Organisation organised the Japan Travel Fair at Aeon Mall Sen Sok City on November 11 and 12.

Japanese Ambassador Horinouchi Hidehisa said that most of Khmer tourists in Japan want to see the cherry blossoms or the sakura. He noted that in Japan, the flowers only have short lifespan; after their beauty peaks around two weeks, they start to fall. This is the reason many visitors never miss the chance to take a photo with the sakura tree when it blooms in early April.

The ambassador added, “If you have never been to Japan before, you can consult travel agencies here to arrange the trip for you for the next holiday.”

Japan Travel Fair, which is now on its second year, was sponsored by All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Mitsubishi  Corporation. It’s designed to promote Japanese culture and tradition among Cambodian people and also to strengthen tourism connection between the two countries.

In 2017, there were over 10,000 tourists who visited Japan, an increase of 47 percent from 2016.

This year, as Cambodia and Japan mark 65 years of friendship, tourism is expected to boom in both nations.

Eigo Onuma, executive Director of JNTP Bangkok, said, “through this year’s event, we will definitely strengthen the economic and cultural relationship of Japan and Cambodia, and be more encouraged to increase local and international tourism.”

And though this year’s travel fair concentrated on “sakura”, the organisers said there are several places and spots in Japan that are equally astonishing. All the seasons in the East Asian country are also worth experiencing.

The popularity of Osaka and Tokyo as modern cities and Kyoto as a historical site has increased over the years as well. The island of Hokkaido is also gaining its much deserved attention.

Tep Chanmarina, a junior student majoring in international business management, participated in Japan Travel Fair last weekend. He said, “I wish to visit Japan one day. I have been dreaming for years already. By joining this event, I can also experience what this country is like.”

Aside from Chanmarina, hundreds of Cambodians also showed much interest in travelling to Japan one day, seeing the country’s beautiful spots and experiencing its well preserved culture.

The travel fair is also seen to further strengthen and deepen Cambodia-Japan friendship.

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