Crab vendors told to stop cheating

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Police speak with crab vendors in Kep province. Supplied

Police in Kep province on Tuesday warned vendors at the popular crab market to refrain from using rigged scales when it comes to selling goods to tourists.

Visitors from outside of the province have complained on social media about crab vendors charging tourists a premium for crabs.

Provincial police chief Major General Pen Dara said the complaints came from national and international tourists who said that the scales used to weigh crabs at the popular market were rigged.

Vendors collect crabs for sale in the market. KT/Mai Vireak

Maj Gen Dara said the complaints led police to inspect all scales being used at the market. He added that police officers warned vendors to stop cheating people who did not hail from the province.

Maj Gen Dara noted that any vendor who failed to comply could face closure.

“When they use fraudulent scales, it discourages customers from returning to the market,” he said. “There have been many complaints from tourists and we told the vendors to stop.”Som Chenda, director of the province’s tourism department, yesterday said that if the vendors continue to cheat customers, then the customers will stop coming.

“We have a standard for what kind of scales are put in place at the market, but some vendors rig the scales, affecting the feelings of tourists,” Mr Chenda said.

So Pheavy, a tourist, said that the market is a popular tourist destination.

However, Ms Pheavy said that she became sceptical ever since she had one bad experience.

“The crab market is a popular market for fresh crab in Kep. I always go there when I visit the province,” she said. “But one time, I bought three kilograms of crabs, but when I weighed it, the crabs only came up to about two kilograms.”

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