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Workers faint again at Green Meadow factory

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Workers continue to get fainting yesterday. DAP News

Sixty more garment workers at the Green Meadow Development factory fainted yesterday morning, prompting Labour Ministry officials to investigate the incident.

On Monday, 67 garment workers in the same factory fainted during a morning service announcement.

The workers from Monday’s incident were sent to hospital and were subsequently released following a medical check-up. District police said that the workers began fainting because they were scared of the company’s translator who was shouting.

After receiving medical attention, the factory gave the affected workers three days off to recover from the ordeal.

Han Nopakun, deputy director of the Labour Ministry’s health department, said 60 more workers fainted yesterday for unknown reasons.

“On Monday, 67 workers fainted because a translator was making an announcement over the company’s public announcement system,” Mr Nopakun said. “Today [yesterday], about 60 more workers fainted, but we don’t know why.”

He said that the ministry and factory management will investigate the matter, noting that the workers might have pretended to faint.

“We checked the factory and we did not find any lack of ventilation or chemical fumes,” Mr Nopakun said. “We are suspecting that the workers were pretending to faint because the other workers managed to get some paid time off.”

He noted that the ministry will take legal action against the garment workers if the fainting was faked.

Far Saly, president of the National Trade Unions Coalition, said yesterday that heat and a lack of ventilation are the leading causes of fainting in factories.

In a report, the National Social Security Fund said 1,665 garment workers have fainted in the first seven months of this year, an increase when compared to last year’s 1,603.

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