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‘Unleashing the magic of learning’

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Do you want to make learning awesome and fun? Do you want to challenge your knowledge? Get the Kahoot mobile application on your smartphone!

Kahoot, launched in 2013, is a game-based learning platform used as educational technology in schools and other institutions to provide a fun avenue for people to play and learn. The app lets its users create their own quizzes and share them to other players. Users can play anywhere, anytime.

Start sharing your knowledge now and see how far you can go. Kahoot offers various topics you can choose from so you can see how wide your intelligence is. The app also contains a ‘homework’ function so teachers can easily setup tasks for students.

This mobile application is available for free on both App Store and Google Play.

Creating Quizzes

You have to create your own account so you can set-up quizzes to be shared to whoever you want to play Kahoot with. You can start making your own games, or join in one and have fun learning. It wouldn’t feel like you’re bombarded with facts and details. You’d actually feel like you’re just playing – but for a good and educational purpose, of course.

Social Learning

Kahoot was designed to foster learning among students without letting them feel bored. With the interactive games and quizzes, students will be enticed to focus and answer the questions. For a classroom set-up, students can gather around a common screen where they can all see the games and answer in chorus. This way, they will also be engaging with their peers and learn together. The more, the merrier, isn’t it?

Team Building

Who says Kahoot is just for students and teachers? Even private companies use the app to promote camaraderie and unity among its team members. Employers or team leaders can create games that everyone in the team can join in. Everyone will surely have fun learning while directly communicating with their workmates. This might just bring them closer.

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