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Teachers and students in the digital era

Chhum Chaivathanak / Khmer Times Share:
School officials and representatives listen to the workshop organised by Microsoft to elevate the quality of education in the kingdom. KT/Chhum Chaivathanak

LAST week’s Microsoft Education Solution Day, organised by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Education Roadmap for Cambodia, intended to bridge the digital gap in Cambodian schools and universities by introducing the usage of advanced technologies to representatives of various universities and schools.

The first step toward the solution is to boost student qualifications to a higher level.

Lorida Leon, managing director of Microsoft Cambodia said that, “Even though I do not work in the education field but in commerce, I am assured that Microsoft will provide social leadership in serving enterprises in Cambodia with technology support, especially in the education sector.”

Microsoft very much focuses on a high level of education. Through cooperation with schools it is possible to help students enhance their performance in the classroom, and subsequently after graduation.

“Cambodia must focus on quality, not only in business but in education as well. I believe that Cambodian students can play important roles in the technology sectors.” Ms Leon said.

The transition from the traditional to the modern classroom confronts today’s students. Young talented Cambodia youths are enthusiastic about the change and are eager to learn about technology and innovations.

Ms Leon said that Cambodian students’ English proficiency is improving, and being able to fluently communicate in English enables them to better negotiate the higher levels of learning necessary to master the new technologies.

Microsoft Education Solution Day encouraged students to think like entrepreneurs, to treat education like a company. They were animated to be responsive to the class learning style and to be more collaborative in school projects, assignments and meetings. This opened opportunities for them to give feedback to each other regarding the learning criteria.

With support of the Ministry of Education, and local and overseas partners, Microsoft is giving students the tools needed to achieve more in their studying and to equip them with top-notch skills, making them more employable in the professional working environment of the 21st century.

Im Koch, secretary of state at the Ministry of Education remarked that the ministry injected a project called “New Generation School” into Phnom Penh’s high schools as way of learning through use of YouTube, websites, and Google.

“We want the student to be more critical and think out of the box. In the future our goal is to work closely with young talented youth … to train them to be global citizens as well leaders who will be responsible for the learning methodologies on technology.”


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