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Cambodian students shine at Wuxi Institute of Commerce

Hiezle Bual / Khmer Times Share:
Wuxi Institute of Commerce student Sieng Thida, middle, walks with friends at the school. KT/ Hiezle Bual

Cambodian scholarship students at the Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce in China’s Jiangsu province have achieved academic achievements as well as character building.

Thus far, nine Cambodians majoring in various fields have already graduated. These majors included business management and information technology. Now, eight other students are due to complete their degrees in June.

Sieng Thida, a Sihanoukville resident who is in her final year in business management, said that she was proud to have acquired a scholarship to study at WXIC. To her, it means that upon returning to Cambodia, she can look forward to a better life and help empower others.

“My parents are farmers and I have eight siblings. My siblings look up to me and I will show them that there is hope and a future for them at the SSEZ,” Ms Thida said. “There is a future not only for the developers of the special economic zone, but also other investors offering education opportunities and skills training freely.”

“This is the hope we have and this is the future we seek,” Ms Thida added. “Students seek education and skills training so that we can have a better future in order to help our parents and importantly, empower others to look at we have achieved.”

She noted that she spent her first year learning to speak Mandarin.

“My educational qualification and my language skills – fluency in English and Mandarin – will give me a better future upon my return to Sihanoukville,” Ms Thida said.

Xu Fuwen, deputy director of the institute, said there are 130 international students hailing from Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Cambodia.

“Compared to some of the foreign students, some of whom were sent back before completing their courses, Cambodian students are well behaved, disciplined and very industrious and diligent in their studies,” Mr Xu said. “That is the reason why the institute is in discussions with provincial authorities, as well as private enterprises, who have business interests in Cambodia, especially Sihanoukville. We want to offer more scholarships to Cambodian students and this will certainly contribute towards the building of human resources and capacity building.”

WXIC is a state run full time vocational college geared to fostering high-quality technicians for modern services and technology industries.

“As a pioneer vocational college in overseas education cooperation, the institute, in collaboration with China’s top 500 enterprises and HODO group, started the WXIC Hodo Academy in Cambodia,” he added. “[The academy] in the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone has offered free training courses in the Chinese languages, marketing, accounting, computer skills, business, English and information technology.”

“Each [WXIC] course has between 2,000 and 5,000 enrolments, and those who graduated last June [in China] returned to Sihanoukville and re-entered the work force as trained and competent human resources,” Mr Xu said.

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