Health Expo brings wellness from abroad

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Royal Phnom Penh Hospital offered free blood pressure screenings at the expo (KT Photo: Cecelia Marshall)

PHNOM PENH, October 11 (Khmer Times) – Each year global health care costs increase by 15 percent.  In terms of health care in Cambodia, costs remain lower compared to neighboring countries, however many locals and expatriates seek treatment outside of the country. At Saturday’s expo, the focus remained on Cambodian health insurance that can be used around the world.

The Health and Wellness International Expo brought together hospitals, dental clinics, and surgical centers from around the world to weigh in on the importance of health care for those living in Cambodia. 
“The amount of health care coverage starts off slow but then catches like brushfire,” said Anna Mischke, employee benefits specialist for Forte. “It is taking some time, but Cambodia will catch up to surrounding countries,” she said.

Throughout the day, doctors from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia gave seminars on practices and surgeries ranging from liver transplants, to prevention of heart attacks and cancer treatment.  

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Free eye screenings and blood pressure checks were also offered to attendees to further promote wellness.

More companies in Cambodia, especially start-ups, are offering their employees benefits including health coverage.  

It’s one thing to find skilled employees, said Ms. Mischke, it’s another to retain them, she added. 

Both employees and businesses are starting to realize the importance of providing health coverage for themselves and family, she said.  When this happens, the health insurance market will grow significantly.

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