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Transport Ministry to address potholes via app

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
The app will allow residents to directly report potholes to the ministry for repair. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Public Works and Transport Ministry on Wednesday announced that it will launch a mobile application for residents throughout the Kingdom to report road damage.

The announcement was made during the launch of a truck driving school on the same day by Transport Minister Sun Chanthol, who said that the ministry is now preparing “Road Care”, a mobile application that residents can utilise to report potholes by taking a picture and sending it to the ministry.

“People can install the app on their mobile phone and take a picture of the pothole and send it to the ministry,” Mr Chanthol said. “The new app is almost ready, we hope by next month, or the end of the year it will be finished and ready for launch.”

He added that the mobile application will have a feature to display reported potholes in red on a digital map.

The ministry will then come and inspect the reported pothole and mark it yellow, Mr Chanthol said.

He said that once repair has been conducted, the mark will turn green.

Mr Chanthol added the ministry will post pictures of the heads of provincial public works and transport departments in order to familiarise people with officials.

“Every month, the app will update users on the progress of repairs,” he said.

Them Veng, a Phnom Penh resident, said the mobile application can be useful to residents. He said that many roads in the capital could use repairs.

“Roads around my house have been damaged for a long time and no one came to fix it,” Mr Veng said.

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