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Local television drama fans possibly know Hang Achariya as an emerging actor. But aside from his knack on acting, this young man also has a talent in literature. In fact, he has already written several short stories that have been published by Kampu-Mera Editions since 2015.

In his latest book published in late 2017, Bunthoeun 2017, Mr Achariya elaborates a social fact through two thought-provoking stories. “I’ve Forgotten That Someone Keeps Loving Me” is my personal favourite.

It follows the story of two siblings who have to live an awful life after their parents passed away. Savun, the youngest, has to live in a society where she is discriminated and isolated due to her physical disabilities – she couldn’t walk and her vision is not as good as it should be. However, she proves that disability can’t stop her from pouring her heart out for the man she loves. Unfortunately, though, the society thinks otherwise.

The same story unfold for her elder brother. He gives the purest love to some girls, hoping they would see his goodness despite the tragic circumstances of his life. But he always ends up getting betrayed.

But all his sadness, no matter how he tries to hide it, is visible to Savun’s eyes. As his only sister, Savun tries to talk and console him, assuring him that they will always stick with each other no matter what. However, her brother seems really upset that he startsgoing out until midnight, drinking beer and flirting with just about any girl. He leaves Savun alone in the house.

Savun, feeling that his brother has abandoned him despite the very fact that she has physical disability, writes a letter to her brother, telling him that he would be suffering if he won’t stop his current vices, but that his sister will always care for and love him.

When her brother arrives home and see the letter, he tries to look for Savun. He plans to apologise to his younger sister and promise to change his ways and be a better brother for her.

However, he is a little too late.

Savun dies after being gang raped that same night when he was out drinking with his friends.

The brother, knowing that he is to blame for his sister’s death, now feels total sadness and guilt.

Will his sister ever forgive him? Will he ever forgive himself?

Author: Hang Achariya
Publication: 2017

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