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Jiangsu Hospital aids Sihanoukville health

Hiezle Bual / Khmer Times Share:
Doctors from the Chinese hospital have treated patients in the province. KT/ Hiezle Bual

Since 2015, China’s Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital has carried out five medical missions in Preah Sihanouk province and constructed a 200-bed hospital in the province.

Founded in 1936, the hospital was formerly a clinic affiliated to the Jiangsu Provincial Medical Management College.

Dr Yang Zhi Jian, head of a medical team tasked with working in Sihanoukville, said Jiangsu hospital is under the direct supervision of the provincial Health Department.

Dr Yang has led several groups of doctors from the hospital to Sihanoukville and received admiration from Cambodian officials for providing free treatment to patients in the Kingdom.

On each of his visits to Cambodia, he was accompanied by ten doctors who treated hundreds of patients in Preah Sihanouk. Most of the patients were factory workers and rural villagers.

“Our efforts are in line with Jiangsu and Sihanoukville being sister provinces and furthermore, Jiangsu also has economic interests in Cambodia, such as garment factories and special economic zones,” he said. “This is a very valuable humanitarian task that will contribute to improving the well-being of Cambodians.”

“This activity not only contributes to improving health, but also provides an opportunity for Cambodian doctors to learn from Chinese doctors,” he added.

The hospital is by far the largest Level Three Class A general hospital in the province. It has three major tasks: medical treatment, education and research.

With total fixed assets of approximately $287 million, the hospital employs nearly 4,000 people. Currently, there are 3,000 beds in the hospital and a new wing is being built to house an additional 1,000 beds.

The hospital is an active member of the international medical community with relations with hospitals in the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia and countries in Europe.

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