Fire destroys tissue warehouse

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The fire engulfed the warehouse and led to its roof collapsing. KT/Choup Sereyroth

A fire ripped through a Chinese-owned warehouse storing tissue and sponges in Boeng Tompon I commune yesterday afternoon and no one was reported injured.

According to eyewitnesses, the fire started at about 3pm at the back of the gated premises where several separate warehouses are located.

Witnesses said the warehouse belongs to a Chinese businessman who stores noodles, tissue and sponge boards at the warehouse.

Military police and the National Police used ten fire trucks to extinguish the blaze, taking about an hour to get it under control. One warehouse was almost completely destroyed.

Inside the adjacent premises where the fire trucks parked to battle the inferno, a worker said that firefighters were quick to respond to the blaze and aptly extinguished it before it got out of control.

“I rushed to the scene and saw that it was serious,” a worker said. “It was burning the wall dividing my workplace from it, but the firefighters managed to stop it from spreading our way.”

“If it spread to my warehouse, there could have been an explosion as we have gas here,” he added.

The worker, a 27-year-old who gave his name as Pov, said that the road into the warehouse was hard to traverse for the firefighters.

Therefore, they pulled their trucks into his compound and battled the blaze from there, he noted.

Authorities at the scene said the cause of the fire is still under investigation. However, witnesses reported seeing repairmen welding on its roof prior to the fire.

Tan Sour, a local resident with a home nearby, said he took his belongings out of his home just to be safe.

“But thanks to the prompt response from firefighters, the fire did not spread,” he said. “Several elderly people near my house fainted because they were very shocked by the fire.”

Neang Chamnab, a firefighter with the Municipal Military Police, said he was focused on stopping the fire from spreading as he battled the blaze.

“I did not focus on anything else besides trying to prevent the fire from spreading to the nearby warehouse and houses,” he said. “The warehouse on fire was hard to save because it stores tissue that catch fire very easily even though our response was quick.”

“From my unit, we used four trucks and the others were from the National Police,” he added. “I can say the warehouse is almost 100 percent destroyed. Nothing remains.”

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