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With hard work and determination, dreams are achievable

Chhum Chaivathanak / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Sour Kimsreang’s dream of studying in a foreign country became a reality because of her determination. Supplied

“I have learned to not give up on my goals easily. No matter how hard it is, how many times I get disappointed and how many failures I have to go through, I get back up more cautious and better prepared for my next steps. If you have a dream, you have to believe that there’s a chance for it to come true. And it comes when you are well-prepared for it. Failure, even, is a path to success. No pain, no gain.”

This is what 20-year-old Sour Kimsreang believe in, and this belief has earned her the opportunity to get a fully-funded Master’s programme in China.

Having finished a Business Management degree at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Kimsreang strived hard to continue her educational endeavour in China. At present, she is pursuing Master of International Business at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

“Being an ordinary student is easy. However, I am not that kind of person. I desire to be more cautious before doing things.”

But things didn’t come smoothly for Kimsreang, despite her diligence and hard work in her studies. She failed in more than 20 exchange programmes before finally getting the scholarships she deserved to have. She used her failures as her driving force in chasing her dream of studying abroad.

“I failed so many times. I was so ashamed back then. It was painful to be rejected from all the programmes I sent applications to. I was so absentminded and I got really depressed.”

Kimsreang eventually realised that she should treat her failures as an experience she can learn from. She bounced back stronger and more determined to prove that she can get a scholarship abroad.

When she applied for a Master’s scholarship, she prepared herself and set her goals to the right path. She made sure that she was ready for whatever was needed from her.

She volunteered in community services, did internships and improved her foreign language skills. She practiced English and Chinese so she can speak both languages fluently.

“I still believed in myself that one day I could have a chance to prepare myself for a new experience in studying abroad, as well as live in a new environment, and get some achievements in international stage. More importantly, going on board an airplane is one of my main goals.”

In 2017, Kimsreang earned the slot in the Special Student Exchange Programme in Singapore. It was her first trip abroad. She took part in the Temesak Foundation International Scale Scholar. After that, she was selected for another exchange programme for short-term school at Nan Hua University in Taiwan.

After her thesis defense at RUPP, Kimsreang prepared herself for her master’s.

“It’s also a great opportunity for me to learn about the concept of operating business in China. I intend to observe how the Chinese people do many successful businesses not only in Asia, but around the world. As there are many Chinese investors investing in Cambodia, I want to bring more opportunity for myself to get ready for the challenging market in the future,” shared Kimsreang.

“I got the Full-Corporate Scholarship from the agreement between the Department of International Business Management of Royal University of Phnom Penh and the Director of International Business in 2018. The scholarship covered the school fee and the accommodation fee. All I need to pay is only my personal expenses.”

With all the failures and triumph that unfolded in her pursuit for good education, Kimsreang knows that when one is actively chasing for his or her dreams, he or she will eventually get it.

“Being a girl in the new modern society, I believe that the more education I can get, the further I can go to better myself and play an important role in the modern Cambodian society,” she noted.

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