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OnePlus readies 6T flagship

Ismail Vorajee / Khmer Times Share:

Shenzen-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is set to release its latest flagship – the OnePlus 6T. German site WinFuture published leaked images earlier this week of what is believed to be OnePlus’ iPhone rival and an update to the OnePlus 6.

Like the iPhone, the notch remains although while the OnePlus 6 had a rather pronounced notch, the OnePlus 6T has managed to minimise the notch.

The phone looks unsurprisingly similar to those released by Oppo. OnePlus, who share a parent company with Chinese giant Oppo, often copy the designs of its sister company.

Specs are yet to be revealed although it is safe to assume a Snapdragon 845 and at least 6GB of RAM, like the OnePlus 6 will make it in. A dual-lens camera and the OnePlus logo adorn the back, while it is believed the battery has received a boost to 3,700 mAh battery, 400 mAh more than the previous edition.

OnePlus has confirmed some rumours – some of which could be a dealbreaker for many consumers. It won’t pack a headphone jack although OnePlus confirmed that the phone will include an on-display fingerprint sensor.

Equipped with the latest Android Pie it is expected to go on sale for around $550 in a few weeks’ time.

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