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Mengly J. Quach’s 108 Ideal Practices

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Dr. Mengly J. Quach releases his new book at the Monument Books on October 19. KT/Say Tola

Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach is known not just for his success in education, health and business, but also for his words of wisdom and vast perspective on Cambodia. In his new book, ‘Mengly J. Quach’s 108 Ideal Practices’, he shares his ideas and experiences on hardships and success in his chosen fields, writes Say Tola.

After sharing his personal experiences on Cambodia’s darkest period through ‘Dangrek Mountains…unforgettable’, Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach published yet another book that is surely worth reading by old and young alike.

The Cambodian American doctor, educationist, entrepreneur and philanthropist released a Khmer language book, ‘Mengly J. Quach’s 108 Ideal Practices’, where he shares his ideas, experiences and advice on education, entrepreneurship and how to attain real success in both.

During October 19’s release at the Monument Books, Dr. Mengly said that his new book reveals his own adventures, visions and practices that have been integral parts of his life. The founder of the Mengly J. Quach Education shared that the idea of writing the ‘108 Ideal Practices’ started when he realised that the education system in the United States – where he completed his education – can be effectively applied to Cambodia and benefit the people of the new generation.

“I kept taking notes of my experiences, of the things I learned and of the advice I have been hearing and saying all through the years. I realised that I am different. Then I thought that what I have been practicing all this time should be heard and seen by Cambodian people.”

“In this book, I shared many of my personal stories about my profession, hardships, obstacles and how I rose above them. I also explained here some of my personal ideas on being successful in your chose field. This is a very understandable and relatable book. I want all the young people to absorb the words here and use them in their own lives. The readers might be familiar with some of my stories. As an educationist, I personally think sharing experiences and perspectives is creating good merits in this lifetime.”

Dr. Mengly further shared that he personally believes that the milestone of one nation depends greatly on its people. And since Cambodian population consists primarily of youth, the kingdom should invest on the future of its young generation. The youth should be educated and knowledgeable to become a strong foundation of the nation.

To be such, Dr. Mengly said the youth should expose themselves on things that can help them grow – reading good books, attending and finishing school, listening to elders and successful people, taking chances at life, experiencing things they have never done before.

“Finishing college and having money do not necessarily mean you are qualified enough to run businesses. You have to experience failure and success by working for other people first. There are so many things to be aware of before investing money on business.”

“To succeed in entrepreneurship, one should always know how and where to invest money. You should not open a business if you’re not financially ready. Borrowing money for a business may only result to failure. For young people to succeed, they should first give their full attention to their studies, learn everything they need to learn and then slowly open their doors for entrepreneurial opportunities. Take it slowly.”

‘Mengly J. Quach’s 108 Ideal Practices’ is now available at Monument Books.

A total of 3000 copies will be distributed to several libraries in urban and rural schools.


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