Paris Peace Accords anniversary marked

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Government says the agreement should not be used as a pretext by other states to meddle in Kingdom’s internal affairs. Facebook

The Royal Academy of Cambodia yesterday marked the 27th anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords, signed to end decades of armed conflict, by saying that the accords could not be used as an instrument to have the international community meddle in Cambodia’s internal affairs.

The Royal Academy of Cambodia’s International Relations Institute yesterday issued a statement saying that the Paris Peace Agreement remained morally valuable, but could not be applied as an instrument to have foreign countries solve the Kingdom’s internal affairs.

“Cambodia’s internal affairs have to be resolved by Cambodia under the country’s national law. The international community cannot use human rights and democracy issues as pretexts to violate a sovereign state,” the statement said.

It added that Cambodia has honoured the agreement.

“So we can make a conclusion that so far the government is walking on the right path for 27 years,” it said.

The agreement was signed on October, 23 1991, and aimed at ending decades of conflict and bringing about lasting peace in the country. The agreement was also related to the country’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and reconstruction.

Deputy Prime Minister Hor Namhong told local media yesterday that the agreement had three important values.

“First, foreign troops, Vietnamese troops were pulled out of Cambodia,” Mr Namhong said. “Second, there was disarmament of weapons from all warring parties and third, there was an election.”

He said that article two and four in the accords stated that signatory countries had to respect Cambodia’s independence and sovereignty.

“Signatory countries have not interfered in Cambodia’s internal affairs and respected Cambodia’s sovereignty, including UNTAC which had to respect Cambodia’s territorial integrity,” he said.

Mr Namhong said that when former opposition members asked for signatory countries to help settle the country’s political issues, they did not respond to the call because it infringed on the accords.

Former opposition lawmaker Ou Chanrath said that the government has not fully followed the accords, especially regarding national reconciliation, unity and elections.

“Until today, we have seen the Paris Peace Accords carried out in an opposite way because we have broken with each other. There is a rift and fragile democracy,” Mr Chanrath said.

Political analyst Lao Mong Hay said that the government has failed to honour the accords, especially on human rights and judiciary independence.

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