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Bolivia, Peru agree to enhance natural areas protection

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LA PAZ (Xinhua) – Bolivia and Peru on Wednesday agreed to carry out joint surveillance and monitoring operations in order to enhance the protection of natural areas along their shared border.

The agreement was reached in La Paz between Abel Mamani, the director of Bolivia’s National Service of Protected Areas, and his Peruvian counterpart Pedro Gamboa.

Mr Mamani said the agreement will enable integrated monitoring for security in their protected natural areas while improving the control over eco-tourism.

The official added the agreement “established a cooperative agenda” to safeguard natural resources of the two countries.

Mr Gamboa praised the bilateral agreement, saying it will also facilitate information sharing in a collaboration “which will reinforce both systems of protection.”

Among the areas the agreement applies to are the Titicaca National Reserve in Peru and the Manuripi national Amazon reserve in Bolivia.

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