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A library on your smartphone

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Enjoy reading in six (yes, six!) languages in one mobile application. “Let’s Read” is an app that gathers high-quality stories and makes them available in national and indigenous languages. Reading is a gift you give to your brain. Give your child’s brain a healthy food by getting Let’s Read for them to read. The app will surely help shape your children reading habits while they are still young.

The mobile app uses English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Nepali, Lao, and last but not least, Khmer. By using other languages to read, the reader can also improve their language use as well. All books in this mobile app are 100% free and openly licensed.

Moreover, the user can also download books on the app for offline reading. The user can also switch between different languages within the same book. Furthermore, you can also search by reading level and language.

To keep the reader’s reading mode on, there is also a function in which the user can select the preferred font size and background colour so that they can enjoy reading without getting bored.

The app is part of Asia Foundation’s Book for Asia programme that fosters readership in Asia. As a user, you can also submit your content which you think is useful for other users of the app. Communities of translators are adding new books to this library every day.

You can get Let’s Read on your devices for free on Google Play.

Read books digitally

Once you get this app on your device, you can immediately read the books on the app without any account registration. Enjoy reading hundreds of books in the app and improve your thinking skills at the same time. It is a free and open library of digital storybooks. The app also provides readers the search function, enabling you to get easy access to your favourite book in whatever language you want.

Download and read offline

Let’s Read mobile app allows the users to download their favourite book to read offline. Within this function, the users can save money in connecting to the internet or not worry about the absence of internet connection.

Switch languages

When you read books, you can also switch between different languages, giving you access to the same story but in a different language. By doing so, you can improve your bilingual and trilingual skills.

Full-screen reading

There is also a function for mobile or tablet users in which they can read in a full-screen mode. By reading in full screen, there are some stories that go with relevant photos, which make the stories more interesting.
Enjoy reading digitally with Let’s Read mobile application.

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