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An app for beauty lovers

Chhum Chaivathanak / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
“Team Malis” is among the Top 5 winners of Smart Start Cycle 2 competition this year. Supplied

We’ve seen technological advancements expand wider and better as time passes. We’ve also seen how modern innovations have helped us in our everyday lives, making life simpler and more comfor-table.

As significant as technology, the youth also play a vital role in enhancing the way we live and provide improvements that alter lives for the better. As an example, a group of youth, who are currently pursuing different undergraduate degrees, has invented a mobile application that is considerably essential to women.

Malis (Khmer for Jasmine flower) is a digital platform where users can book appointments at beauty salons for hair and make-up services, saving them the time and frustration of waiting in line.

One of the makers of the mobile app, Hourn Chandevipha, said that “as an eyewitness of ladies’ daily life, most of the time they are always on their smartphones. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. That why I desired to invent a useful application that would take advantage of the qualities of a smartphone.”

Malis was initially just an idea of Chandevipha, Sounlong Sreng, Rithikun Sen, and Sotheng Cheang for the Smart Start Cycle 2 competition months ago.

“We, as a team, was selected as one of the Top 5 teams that were to be funded for an innovative project,” shared Chandevipha.

She added that she personally had her own struggles in looking for make-up services during special events. The team came up with the idea of designing the app to make life easier and more convenient for ladies, especially for those working and have hectic schedules.

The app also enables users to book for a freelance make-up artist or hairstylist for home services.

Women share the common struggle of looking for credible and responsible beauty salons that will deliver the best services. With the Malis app, women can see which beauty salons or make-up artists are popular and best rated.

Chandevipha added that the app is also aimed to provide opportunities for freelance make-up artists to get customers and be on the loop in the industry.

“I have seen so many talented people who can do best in this industry. However, only few customers interact with them so this application will show who they are and what they can do. The bio will be added and we will show the highly rated salons in the city,” she explained.

Malis was officially launched this week and can now be downloaded for free on Android and IOS.

“Our long-term goal is to keep the mobile application updated and to offer all beauty services including spa, massage and all make-up services,” Chandevipha said.

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