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A good and comfortable life also entails stable finances. But the absence of an effective and feasible financial plan may just ruin all that you’ve dreamed to attain in the future. That’s why it is important that as early as now, young people should have the right knowledge on financial management and savings.

To help young Cambodians gain financial literacy, the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) has created a mobile application which provides users easy ways to determine how much they know about their finances. With the NBC-Edu app, users will have to opportunity to buckle up on their financial management and save up money for their future. The app also offers its users some ways to maintain a steady and balance cash flow to ensure that you don’t get spend too much or too less than you deserve.

The NBC-Edu App is a conscious effort of the NBC to provide quick and practical options to deal with financial matters, enabling everyone, young and adults, to have a full control on their financial status.

The app also contains features that allow parents to play and learn with their children, thereby providing greater bonding time while benefiting from the contents at the same time. This mobile application is extremely user-friendly. Take the opportunity to learn about financial management from NBC-Edu mobile app. Get it on your smartphone for free from App Store and Google Play.

Know the App

Once this app is downloaded on your phone, you can immediately start using it without creating an account to access. On your home screen, one subject will be shown, but this shall be updated in the future. You can check everything about the app on the App Background function. The NBC-Edu mobile display is in Khmer language, so it’s easy to use it and understand its functions.

‘Let’s talk about money’

Currently, the app only has “Let’s talk about money” subject. Upon selection of this subject, you will be shown different books for reference. These books contain stories about how money works – how to spend it and how to save. The contents are easy to read and understand so you will really learn fast.

Check the Books

Users can read the book one by one to know more about financial management. Each story conveys messages that are based on real-life stories, with credible information from the NBC on how to properly take control of your finances. Users will surely enjoy the stories as they were made to be entertaining and informative at the same time.

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