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More Cambodians to work in Japan

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:

The Labour Ministry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Japan and Cambodia Interactive Association to train more Cambodians to work in Japan.

Labour Minister Ith Samheng said yesterday the MoU to train youths and poor people was signed at the Labour Ministry.

“The training is for Cambodians to work in Japan and also locally,” he said. “JCIA has been sending our trainees to work in Japan over the past two years.”

Cambodia has sent such trainees to work in Japan since 2007, and up to this year, there are 8,065 working in Japan.

There are 90 private recruitment companies and two organisations that are licensed to choose, train, send and manage Cambodians working in Japan.

Mr Samheng noted that the number of Cambodians trained to work in Japan increases from year to year.

“JCIA did not set a limit on how many workers we should send for training,” he noted. “But the number going to Japan depends on their abilities and job opportunities there.”

Skills being taught include agriculture, fishing, construction, food processing, garment making and caring for the elderly.

“Cambodian workers can earn more in Japan and South Korea,” Mr Samheng said, adding that there are 1.2 million Cambodians working in Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

He noted that Cambodians working overseas send home about $2 billion per year.

“This year and next year, Cambodia will send more trainees to work in Japan, but we do not know the exact number yet,” Mr Samheng said.

Fumio Yamada, director of JCIA, said yesterday that the MoU is to train Cambodians for five years and his centre will send the trainees to work in Japan for a period of three years after which they will need permission from the Japanese government to keep working there.

“The skills that we teach them to work in Japan include taking care of old people, construction and tourism,” he noted.

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