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Happenings From the Provinces

Compiled By Chheang Chamnan and Phun Chan Ousaphea / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

Rescuing Jump Turns Fatal 

BANTEAY MEANCHEY – Vien Mao, 46, from Kum Rou village, was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. His fatal injuries resulted from a jump from a moving trailer.
The man’s son was driving a single-axle tractor with a coupled trailer. They were on their way home from buying two cows in Dek Kes village.
The cows were fidgety during the ride, and Vien Mao was on the trailer to watch over them. When the animals got extremely nervous, he jumped off the rig to avoid being trampled.
He hit the road  heavily and suffered severe head injuries – which resulted in his death.
Albeit he was taken to the hospital immediately, he died on the way there.
The body was consigned to his family for burial.
Drug Run Goes Bad

BATTAMBANG – A man, passing through Our Anlung village on his way to Thailand, was nabbed by the police on August 30.  They found 115 “yama” pills on him; he found himself in custody and on the way to court later the same day.  
Kamrieng Deputy Police Chief Srey Vuthy identified the suspect as Cheng Chem, 22. He was stopped near the Cambodian-Thai border during a routine check. He confessed to being a “drug mule” and being hired to smuggle drugs into Thailand. 
 Motorbikes and Illegal Imports Impounded

BANTEAY MEANCHEY​ – Eleven motorbikes, all imported illegally from Thailand, were seized on the morning of August 29, on National Road 5 in the Malai district.
Kong Thourn, chief of mobile customs for that district, said that customs officers seized the motorbikes and the Fuso truck used to transport them. They were then taken to the mobile customs office in Keab village as evidence.
Falling Branch Crushes Tuktuk

SIEM REAP – A tree branch fell onto a tuktuk parked beneath it. It was the morning of August 30, at the Preah Angchek Preah Angchorm chapel in Mondul 3 Village.
The tuktuk driver, Kung Borey, 31, said that he was taking two Cambodian passengers to Preah Angchek Preah Angchorm to pray for happiness. It started to rain without any strong winds, so he parked his tuktuk next to the tree.
One of the women went inside to burn incense and her companion waited in the tuktuk. The driver stood on the sidewalk nearby. Suddenly, the large tree branch fell and hit the tuktuk. No one was hurt, but the tuktuk was badly damaged.
Drug Mule Arrested

RATTANAKIRI – A drug mule was arrested on August 27 carrying one kilogram of meth from Laos through Steung Treng province to Rattanakiri province.
Nguon Kourn, a provincial police chief, said that the suspect was Seng Tol, 49, a Charay from Nhang village.The investigation was interrupted due to the floods in Rin Sai district, but was resumed after the waters abated. The suspect was arrested in Steung Treng carrying one kilogram of meth.
After the arrest, the suspect confessed to being a drug mule. He was sent to the provincial police station for further questioning. 
The War Strikes Again

PURSAT – A middle-aged couple was working in their field outside Dey Krahorm village when a land mine explosion severely injured a woman, Pann Tuon. 
The woman, 48, was planting beans with her husband Long Pheach, 58, on August 30. He was furrowing the field with a hoe, while she planted the seeds.
As she was planting, she stepped on an active landmine which then exploded. She was injured by shrapnel, and her right leg was severed. She was rushed to the provincial hospital for emergency treatment, but her leg could not be reattached. 
Her husband, who lost his leg in a similar incident almost 40 years ago, suffered no injuries as her body shielded him from the explosion.
Cockfight Stopped by Police

KAMPOT – A cockfight was raided by the police in Prek Kreus village, on the afternoon of August 26.
Mao Chan Makthurith, provincial deputy police chief, said that Khoy Khun Huor, the governor of Kampot, ordered him to stop cockfight gambling. 
The gamblers must have been tipped off, because when the police arrived, all of the approximately 200 wagerers had already fled.
All the police could do was to impound the 31 abandoned motorbikes, a few roosters, and file a complaint with the court.
Extended Cap Pick-up Burns

KRATIE – An ISUZU pick-up started on fire while on National Road 7 on August 28, in Sangkat Ouressey, and totally burned.  There were no injuries. 
A source at the scene reported that the truck belonged to Sok Thourn, and his wife, Try Hourng, from Prey Veng. It started to burn on their way home from Rattanakiri. Pedestrians along the road called out to warn them, but because of the high speed of the truck, the two 50 year-olds inside couldn’t hear them.
A man drove his car alongside to tell them, but it was too late. By the time the couple stopped their truck the fire was too advanced to extinguish without professional equipment. The police could do no more than let it burn. After half an hour only the frame and some bent sheet metal remained.
The subsequent investigation concluded that the cause of fire was a leak in the fuel tank. 
Abbot Died in Fire

KAMPONG THOM – The abbot, Nov Sorm, 81, of Rokha Bopha Prey Saart pagoda in Popork was pronounced dead at 01:40 on August 30 due to a fire at his home.
A witness said that the people who live near the pagoda were awakened by the sound of “something like a small explosion” at around 01:40. They saw the home of the abbot Nov Sorm in flames. They tried to rescue him and  to put out the fire, but to no avail.
Deputy Provincial Governor Kong Vimeam, donated 1,860,000 riel ($440) to the monks for the funeral arrangements. He, some of his co-workers, and the people in the village stood by the funeral pyre and prayed that the monk’s spirit may rest in peace. 

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