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Are you ready for next year’s BAC II?

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The results of the national exam were released a few weeks ago. More than 50 percent of the takers passed, but there were some who unfortunately fell behind the passing rate. If you’re one of the latter, do not lose hope – you will bounce back stronger and wiser in next year’s national exam. And you can start restoring that hope right now, right here through Tesdopi mobile app.

Tesdopi, introduced in August, provides users with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry exercises that will prepare you for the questions you will face in next year’s BAC II. The app is recommended for current Grade 12 students or whoever wants to strengthen their knowledge in the mentioned subjects. The exercises installed in the app will help you understand your personal competency levels and will identify in which subject matter you are most problematic with. You can check on the set of exercises for each subject, answer them and see how well you do. With every wrong answer, a video tutorial will pop up to let you understand your mistake.

Get the Tesdopi app now for free on your Google Play and start preparing yourself for the national exams in 2019. Because dear student, there’s no better day than today to start getting ready for your future.

Practice tests

Once you have have the app, you can immediately start doing the exercises. Go to the subject you want to practice on and click. You will see the sets of exercises prepared by the app developers for you. The questions in the exercises will be a big help for you in mentally reviewing what you’ve learned from school and books. The questions are in a multiple choice format. Moreover, if you opt to not finish the test in one sitting, you can just leave it and come back whenever you wish to. The app will save what you’ve already started.

Right or wrong?

When you start doing the exercises, the app will immediately show you if the answer you keyed in for every question is right or wrong. A ‘smiley’ will pop up if you answered correctly, while a ‘sad’ emoji will mean your answer is wrong. The app will provide you with a video tutorial about your wrong answers.


Once you complete everything, the app will show you the results or the grade you got from the exercises. It will identify which questions you were strong at and which questions you didn’t do right. With the detailed results, you can personally evaluate yourself on which specific topics you need to review and work harder on. The app is a great barometer of your knowledge on Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

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