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Preparing for the next phase: UNIVERSITY LIFE

Som Kanika / Khmer Times Share:
Mr Sean Sopagna (middle), president of Cam-ASEAN, said the yearly Majoring Orientation is a big help to high school graduates. Photos: Cam-ASEAN

Finishing high school successfully is one of the tremendous achievements for students. However, life – and struggles – do not end the moment you get your high school diploma up on the stage on your graduation day. Choosing a degree and going into the university are challenges you can’t get away from, especially if you’re one of the many people who do not really know what they want to do in college. You see, college is overwhelming.

To help Grade 12 students in choosing the right majors and universities for them, Cambodia-ASEAN International Institute held a workshop on “Majoring Orientation 2018” last week. The workshop, which has been held annually, is aimed at providing academic guidance to fresh high school graduates on what degree they should be taking when they enter the university. The event also gave out general information about different majors as well as the universities students can choose from.

Mr Yok Ngoy from the Ministry of Education speaks during the event.

During the opening ceremony, Mr Sean Sopagna, president of Cam-ASEAN, said that the yearly convention “paves the road for fresh graduates as well as younger students in choosing the right majors that suit their passion and talents. It is also a platform for students to meet seniors who can guide and mentor them for their scholarship applications. It is the goal of the event to help students in this important phase of their academic life.”

He added, “Passing Grade 12 is a great achievement. But you must not stop there. Choosing the right major to pursue for four years in the university will determine how successful you will be in your future career.”

The “Majoring Orientation 2018” took place at the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center on September 14. Several well-known professors and educators from different universities took part in the event. The workshop covered a broad range of topics – choosing right majors, importance of foreign languages, mentoring, universities, local and international scholarship grants and job market. Hundreds of students participated and got valuable information about the journey they will embark soon.

Deth Sok Udom, rector of Zaman University, said in the panel discussion that “to find what you like or what major suits your passion, you need to have knowledge about each major before deciding.”

“The comprehensive programme of each majors are offered by every university to the students before they settle down for their majors,” he added.

Thoun Pisey, Grade 11 student at Sovanna Phum International school said “this informative event offers students or post-graduate students a great deal of information about the university life and it gives me an insight about how to discover my passion and find major career that fits with the job market”

“The sharing experience, majoring information, and direction of future career and university that the speaker shared had provided me with a clear understanding about each of the majors and what I need to prepare for the university life,” added Pisey.

The Majoring Orientation 2018 was indeed a big help for students to discover themselves and their passion and be guided on what to take in college. Because no matter how much other people tend to disvalue education, it is a major key towards success.

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