PM: Private Sector Incentivizes Corruption

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Prime Minister Hun Sen speaks at an anti-corruption conference on Sep 3. (KT Photo: Ban Chork)

PHNOM PENH, September 3, (Khmer Times) – Prime Minister Hun Sen has blamed the private sector for providing the incentives that generate corruption among public officials at a regional anti-corruption conference on Wednesday. 
Mr. Hun Sen called on both the public and private sectors to collaborate and clean up internal corruption, in order to eradicate corruption from the Kingdom.
Om Yentieng, president of the Anti-Corruption Unit, said, “We must have a strategy that is to open participation from all stakeholders, including the public sector, private sector, civil society and mass media.”
Clare Wee, head of the Office of Anti-corruption and Integrity at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), said that anti-corruption efforts cannot succeed without the political will of officials at the highest level.
The prime minister also criticized corruption within some international institutions and the propensity for powerful countries to condemn corruption in developing countries, like Cambodia.
“I was surprised that directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) are alleged to have participated in corruption,” Mr. Hun Sen said. 
The PM requested that the ADB, IMF and WB revise their international standards for evaluating corruption in countries. 

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