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Public reminded not to feed pigeons in front of Royal Palace

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Phnom Penh authorities have reminded the public that feeding pigeons in front of the Royal Palace is strictly prohibited and punishable by fines.

A Daun Penh district statement on Monday said that enforcement to stop the practice is ongoing with the collaboration of the Royal Palace Ministry.

The statement noted that it is an offence to sell or buy pigeon fodder in front of the palace and offenders will be punished.

“Feeding the birds in front of the palace is prohibited because the pigeons dirty the area with their droppings which are harmful to health,” the statement said. “We have held a meeting with the sellers and warned them against carrying out business there.”

“However, there are still some irresponsible people who sell and buy food to feed pigeons there,” it added.

The statement noted that authorities have provided alternative locations for people to feed the birds where it will be easier to clean up food left behind and the birds’ droppings.

“All of them must move to either the front of the Preah Ang Chao area, north of the Water Festival site, or to a booth set up near Preah Ang Dangkoeu where it is easier to clean up the litter,” it said.

Sok Penhvuth, deputy district governor, on Monday said it is an offence to feed the pigeons in front of the palace.

“Those who ignore the ban face fines from $5 to $20,” he said. “We appeal to visitors, vendors and others in the area to cooperate with us to make the palace area more attractive.”

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