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Crackdown on facilities producing fake sugar

Pav Suy / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
The owners of the factories managed to evade capture. Photo: Swift News

Takeo provincial Camcontrol officials, along with police and the provincial court, on Sunday conducted a raid on two fake palm sugar production facilities in Bati district.

Por Leangkong, Camcontrol provincial chief, said it is difficult to catch the owners of the facilities, noting they again escaped the raid on Sunday, because they are tipped off.

“I personally keep an eye on facilities that are suspected of restarting operations after being shut down by authorities,” Mr Leangkong said. “I planned for the raid last week, but the information was leaked to the owners. So I found honest, law-abiding officers to come and cooperate with me in order to catch the criminals red-handed.”

“As for the sugar, we knew it was fake because it was made from cane sugar. However, we still haven’t found which chemical they were using to hide the fact that it’s fake sugar,” he added. “We found two facilities. The first had a lot of evidence, such as ready-made palm sugar and production tools. As for the second one, we found only small amounts because the owner knew in advance and the owner must have cleaned up the place.”

Mr Leangkong added that the facilities are among 43 facilities shut down in December last year for producing fake sugar.

“They are old facilities that were cracked down on earlier and ordered to cease operations many times before. We used a variety of soft measures to prevent them from continuing, but it did not work,” he said. “The last thing we need to do now is file a case with the court.

nfortunately, we were not able to arrest the owners because they managed to escape.”

In December, the Industry Ministry ordered provincial departments to pay more attention to facilities secretly producing fake sugar, noting that such products could be harmful.

Authorities raid a sugar factory. Swift News

Mr Leangkong said that authorities managed to seize eight containers filled with the sugar, 26 empty containers, and other equipment.

Provincial court spokesman Phan Sopheak said that the court will issue a summons for the owners to appear before judges.

“We told Camcontrol to file the case, along with the evidence, and we will try to find out the identity of the owners and bring them to appear in court,” Mr Sopheak said.

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