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Doeum Kor market not being sold off: City Hall

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Vendors sell goods outside the market yesterday. KT/Mai Vireak

City Hall yesterday denied accusations made by Doeum Kor market vendors that the market will go to the private sector for development.


In a statement, it said that vendors have damaged roads surrounding Doeum Kor market and authorities are making repairs while cleaning up surrounding roads.

It added that authorities have attempted to educate vendors selling along the roads, but most instead accused the authorities of privatising the market.

“Vendors, please do not believe this information that the market is going to be given to a private company,” the statement said. “We are repairing public roads because the roads are messy and unclean.”

Deputy Governor Mean Chanyada said yesterday that Streets 336, 231, 234 and 239 were damaged by vendors and that repairs are being made.

“Some vendors have cooperated to move away from surrounding roads and it’s better and cleaner now,” Mr Chanyada said.

Chan Sokhum, a 39-year-old vendor, said that she first started selling in the area five years ago with a stall in the market.
However, Ms Sokhum said that it is more profitable to sell on the streets.

“I am only an insignificant vendor, I didn’t go against the authorities,” she said. “But I hope the authorities will find a new place for us street vendors so that we can support our families.”

Hem Sopheak, a Phnom Penh resident who lives in the area, said yesterday that public order around the market is not controlled.

“It’s time to clean up the Doeum Kor market because it has been messy for a very long time,” Mr Sophea said. “Vendors continue to sell their goods along the streets and they create traffic jams – there’s no public order here.”

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