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Authorities to crack down on illegally erected structures

Or Sreypich / Khmer Times Share:
City Hall officials hold a meeting to discuss traffic flow issues. Supplied

Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng on Wednesday urged district authorities to take action against illegally erected structures that create congestion across the capital.


During a meeting with officials, Mr Sreng ordered 12 district governors to target illegal tents, kiosks and other structures obstructing traffic.

“Phnom Penh district governors, please inspect that structures erected have permits to operate on the streets,” Mr Sreng said. “Many of these structures are illegal and we cannot allow them to be built in the capital.”

He noted that the structures should only be built in designated places where they won’t disrupt traffic flow.

“People should find a suitable place to celebrate their events like at a restaurant or at a pagoda where they won’t disrupt traffic,” Mr Sreng added.

City Hall spokesman Met Measpheakdey said yesterday that regulations have been set to prevent illegal structures on roads.

“City Hall always reminds people to follow our instructions – those tents and other structures are impacting people’s lives in Phnom Penh,” Mr Measpheakdey said. “But there are still people out there who use the roads for their own benefit. Some people erect event tents for their weddings or funerals. Sometimes those tents cover half, if not the entire road.”

Kath Narith, Tonle Bassac commune chief, said yesterday that he will be more vigilant following City Hall’s instruction.

“From now on, we will strengthen our enforcement,” Mr Narith said. “Actually, we have been following the rules all along.”

In March, police and the public works department identified 182 points in the capital that have to be targeted in order to reduce traffic jams.

A road blocked by an event tent in the capital Supplied

Sam Piseth, director of the public works department, said at the time that residents have filed numerous complaints about the blockage of traffic.

“We need a solution to this problem – in order to reduce traffic jams that people always complain about every day,” Mr Piseth said. “Yet some vendors continue to sell their food on sidewalks and on roads, while others disrupt the flow of traffic by indiscriminately parking their cars.”

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