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Exam review boosts students’ grades

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The number of students who earned an A-grade on this year’s national exam has jumped to 408 from the previously reported 290 after a review of students’ tests, according to a statement from the Education Ministry yesterday.

The ministry is expected to release updated exam results today after it found technical errors in hundreds of examination halls. In the statement, the ministry said the problem stemmed from computerised databases in 740 examination halls across the country.

“The scoring system had problems which affected the scores of some students in the subject of mathematics in 740 exam halls,” the ministry said.

The ministry said that the number of Grade-A students increased by more than 100 after the review, which was spurred by protests from students upset with their results.

“After the problem was addressed, the number of passing students rose to 76,034, or to 67.07 percent of students who took the exam,” the ministry said. “There are now 408 A-students, 2,222 B-students, 6,041 C-students, 15,180 D-students and 52,183 E-students.”

Initial results showed that 75,059 students passed the exam, with 290 earning an A, while 1,532 students scored a B and 4,631 students scored a C.

After releasing the initial results, the ministry noted that the number of students who passed the exam increased, while the number of Grade-A students decreased. Last year, 424 students scored an A and 63.84 percent passed the exam.

Earlier this week, hundreds of complaints were filed by high school students who were dissatisfied with their results, specifically on the mathematics section of the test. The move prompted the ministry to create a committee to review the students’ test results.

Chhay Ly An, a Kampot province student who filed a complaint with the ministry upon learning his results, said yesterday that he was satisfied.

“I believe that my math score will get good results because I did my best,” Mr Ly An said. “Now I can get a scholarship abroad, too.”

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