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Committee to address student complaints

Or Sreypich / Khmer Times Share:
Some 500 complaints filed to Ministry of Education from failed students. KT/Mai Vireak

The Education Ministry today received hundreds of complaints filed by students who were dissatisfied with their results in the 2018 national exam.

In a statement, the ministry said that in response to the complaints, a committee comprised of ministry officials has been set up to address the situation.

“We have created a committee to address the issues students have brought up regarding their national exam results,” the statement said. “So far, the ministry has looked into numerous issues reported by the students and their parents.”

Ministry spokesman Dy Kamboly said that the committee is expected to produce a report on its findings next week.

“After the meeting this morning, which was organised by Minister Hang Chuon Naron, the ministry has decided to release a report by the committee tasked with addressing the issue next week,” Mr Kamboly said. “So far, the ministry has received more than 500 student complaints.”

He said that some students believe the ministry’s system had a technical error that affected their final results. They are also concerned about changes to university enrolment. Many have complaints about their marks on the mathematics section of the exam.

“The ministry won’t change the rules of university enrolment,” Mr Kamboly said. “We also didn’t insert errors and there were no problems with our database.”

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