Seatel bonds with Youtube to offer unlimited entertainment

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Seatel has partnered with Youtube to offer its customers a unique experience with unlimited video viewing on the go, backed by its powerful 4G network nationwide.

Seatel CEO Yap Kokleong told Khmer Times this is a formidable deal for the users, adding that the tie-up with Youtube was made possible thanks to the company’s solid reputation on the market.

“Teaming up with Youtube is a turning point in our branding. Youtube decided to work with us at Seatel because we are a digital services provider. We are not the usual ‘mobile’ services provider,” he said.

He said the company’s aim is to become the number one digital services provider in the country. With offers like free Youtube, the company is moving in that direction.

“We work with entertainment companies and those close to the industry. With feedback from them, we decided to focus on entertainment and Youtube was a natural partnership in this segment..

“The customers want to use their data for entertainment. With the One Plan now offering Youtube services for free, they are getting a sensible amount of entertainment which is value for the money spent,” he said.

He promised there is more to come from the partnership with Youtube that will be made official in two weeks time.

“Wait for it, as it will be something major,” he said.

Yap said users will be able to download or view Youtube videos all day long. Seatel is offering the services for free from 8 am to 8 pm.

“The idea is to facilitate the customers in their data usage. With this plan, which also falls under Seatel’s One Plan, users will be able to stream videos at a given time for free. After that, they are free to use their data anyway they want,” he said.

He said users will also be able to screen videos from Youtube seamlessly while travelling across the country thanks to the company’s extensive 4G network.

“We focus only on the 4G network. We do not have 3G or 2G services and this is an advantage for the users. There is no line drop, no data shortages during network switching from phone calls to video screening,” he said.

Yab said being a purely digital services provider allows the company to simplify its offerings to the public.

“We simplify everything for the customers. In this age of confusion with so many companies offering so many plans, we are here with one plan. And the customers are happy indeed with one plan. Because the plan offers them all that they need for the right pricing,” he said.

Seatel is also maturing into an international brand, getting new faces from the region onboard while taking aim at the digital segment.

But in the end, it is all about market share and market dominance.

Seatel said with the products on offer, and with the great response it is getting from the general public, it will be able to claim the top spot in the digital provider’s sphere.

“We do not plan to letup and sit back while we have such a plan going. Without fail, we will reach the top level in this country within the next two years,” he told Khmer Times to a question on how the company sees the future.

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