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Cambodia has boosted the “Belt and Road” to a new high

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In August 2014, China Wind Global Investment Group Co., Ltd. officially landed in Cambodia and opened another new voyage of its “Belt and Road”.

It is reported that “China Wind Global Investment Group” was established in August 2013 and was established after Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a cooperation agreement for the construction of the “New Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. China’s “One Belt, One Road” aims to fully rely on the existing dual multilateral mechanisms of China and relevant countries, actively develop economic partnerships with countries along the route, and jointly build a community of interests and a community of destiny that together create political mutual trust, economic integration, and cultural inclusion. And the community of responsibility.

The Chinese style is a corporate development strategy formulated along the direction of such a big policy. After five years of development, the company has carried out industrial layout in the “Belt and Road” in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. It has invested in entities and management assets of US$2,193 million, and completed the initial strategic task of building a world-leading large-scale comprehensive investment group.

The Chinese style focuses on building Cambodia into a core area of the “Belt and Road” strategy. In 2018, China Wind will focus on Cambodia in the next group development. This is the conclusion of many years of research and exploration by economists and business management executives at home and abroad. It is also in line with the development of the world economy and the Belt and Road.

With the launch of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Cambodia has become China’s premier partner and beneficiary. After Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen visited Beijing in December 2017, he signed an investment contract of approximately US$7 billion with China, including the Greenway Group and Henan Transportation Investment Group’s highway project from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, the satellite city of Phnom Penh, and the Visitor Center. Bank and other projects. On January 10, 2018, Chongyang Financial Research Institute of Renmin University of China and “Contemporary World” magazine jointly released the “Cambodia: A New Model of the “Belt and Road” Construction” report in Beijing. Cambodia is in its three major directions. In the core area, it will not only promote the construction of the China-Indochina Peninsula economic corridor, but also provide important support for the extension of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific.

Therefore, with the cooperation and support of the Chinese and Cambodian governments, the major investment groups have launched a close cooperation under the framework of the “Belt and Road” to promote Cambodia’s industrial, economic and trade development and industrial transformation, and deepen the operation and development of the financial sector. All the industries in Cambodia are to be developed jointly Cambodia has become the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia.

China’s development of Cambodia’s development, creating opportunities for wealth creation for all China Wind Global Investment Group has entered Cambodia in an all-round way. The company adheres to the “One Belt, One Road” development route and the direction of creating wealth, and actively appeals to more patriotic Chinese to participate in the “One Belt, One Road” global national grand strategic project, which will soon become the “One Belt and One Road”. An international company that plays a model role in building in Cambodia and beyond.

At present, the company has diversified industries in Cambodia, comprehensively investing in industries with potential and value, forming a Chinese wind industry structure with sustainable development prospects and explosive growth, and fully enhancing the value creation ability of the Chinese style. At present, China Wind has been involved in many fields such as clothing, hotels, restaurants, tourism, real estate, entertainment, etc., and has made certain breakthroughs in the layout of various industries, and purchased and built high-quality assets in Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, etc. China wind pillar business. In the future, China Wind will continue to develop its subsidiaries’ multi-industry development, focus on building asset transfer, incubation and operation functions, and strive to create a market-competitive professional management platform to promote the huge improvement of Cambodia’s local economy.

We have reason to believe that on the basis of the maturity of policies and opportunities, the Chinese style will surely rely on the successful experience of China’s “reform and opening up”, closely follow the development trend of the “Belt and Road”, and focus on building a dream hall for a broad wealth cause. The dream of outstanding wealth creation has been put on the wings, fulfilling the mission and goal of “National Rejuvenation of China Dream, Belt and Road China Wind”, and let the Chinese style sweep across the globe.

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