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Rare tree plantings to lure tourists

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About 500 trees will be planted as part of the tourism project. Kley Kley

Hundreds of rosewood trees will be planted in Siem Reap province as a natural tourist site and to preserve the rare trees in Cambodia.


The provincial information department said on Wednesday that the government planned to plant 500 rosewood trees on 1,888 hectares in Banteay Srey district.

“In Cambodia, there will be the first big planting of rosewood that could be an eco-tourism site and attract national and international visitors,” it said.

Seng Lorn, chief of the provincial forest administration, said the administration had already prepared the tourist site.

“The provincial forest administration has prepared a greenhouse garden for tree-planting along a tourist path,” he said. “Tourists can visit big trees and go biking to see beautiful flowers as well.”

“There are also 13 cameras for monitoring the presence of wildlife, all of which have potential for attracting tourists who like nature,” he added.

Ouch Leng, president of the Cambodian Human Right Task Force and winner of the 2016 Goldman Environment Award in The United States, said yesterday that the rosewood planting would help offset losses to the trees due to illegal logging.

“I support this plan,” he said. “It’s not only the duty of the government, but all of us should be a part of preservation.”

“To all tycoons in Cambodia, please stop cutting down trees to develop sites that only benefit you and not the public.” he added.

In August, the Environment Ministry said preliminary results of Cambodia’s forest cover review in 2016 demonstrated that forest cover accounted for 45.26 percent of the country’s area.

It added that the loss of forest cover in Cambodia decreased between 2014 and 2016.

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