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Guidelines issued for flood victims

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:

The Health Ministry yesterday issued safety guidelines for people suffering from floods in order to avoid getting sick.


The ministry fears those affected by the floods could contract dengue fever and other illnesses.

The guidelines include eating well-cooked food, drinking clean water and regularly washing with soap.

The ministry noted that shelters should be checked for snakes and insects, and that surrounding areas must be cleaned of dirt and debris.

Wells must be repaired before use and toilets should always be present, it added.

“By implementing the guidelines, you can avoid diseases,” Health Minister Mam Bunheng said yesterday. “If you already display symptoms of an illness, go quickly to the closest hospital.”

Recent floods have killed at least 30 people across the Kingdom. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Last week, Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered officials to assist flood victims in a timely manner.

Mr Hun Sen also ordered the Health Ministry to provide health check-ups and medicine.

“Each ministry must help. There have been no illness outbreaks this year, but the Health Ministry must continue to provide medicine for those affected,” Mr Hun Sen said.

Men Sopha, a villager in Kratie province, said that she fears for the safety of her family at her flooded home.

“What is difficult is finding clean water and being able to cook food – plus we are afraid of all the snakes,” Ms Sopha said. “Sometimes, they appear in the house when it floods and we get scared.”

The country has seen its share of floods caused by heavy rain over the past two months.

The National Committee for Disaster Management said in a recent report that a total of 30 people have died in various provinces.

Floods have displaced thousands of families and damaged nearly 9,000 hectares of crops, it added.

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