Wildlife sales crackdown along National Road 6

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Some of the birds seized by the officers. Rasmei News

Authorities in Kampong Cham province on Wednesday cracked down on stalls selling bushmeat along National Road 6, seizing some meat and detaining one seller.

Batheay district deputy governor Lor Chanly said yesterday that officers seized some wildlife meat sold at a stall but let the owner off with a warning after questioning him.

“We called in one seller for questioning and we let him sign a contract not to repeat the act,” he said. “He promised that if we find him selling wildlife meat again, he will accept the consequences.”

An officer seizes snakes from a vendor. Rasmei News

“The provincial governor has ordered authorities to completely eliminate the sale of wildlife meat and we created a committee to work on this,” he added.

Mr Chanly noted that while some stalls sell wildlife, there are others which sell normal meat but advertise it as bushmeat.

He said that during the crackdown officers found many stalls claiming to sell wildlife meat, but when questioned the owners said it was really domestic meat. Mr Chanly added that the owners confessed they bluff customers so that they can sell at higher prices.

“For instance, they buy meat for only 30,000 riels, but they sell it as bushmeat for 200,000 riels,” he said.

Provincial deputy governor Keo Nearith said yesterday that around eight stalls were found to be selling wildlife meat during Wednesday’s crackdown.

“We took action on these stalls and will continue to crack down on this illegal trade,” he said. “Selling wildlife meat is one crime and selling ordinary meat as wildlife is another.”

Mr Nearith identified the stall owner who was cautioned as Choup Chin, 38, and said he was caught selling snake and wild bird meat.

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