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Convenient, fast scanning through CamScanner

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Who among you here also gets irritated when the need of a scanned copy of documents arises? I know I’m not alone. Most of the job applications, work processes, client deals and many others require us to send scanned copies of documents and passports and papers. And most of the time, there’s no readily available scanner in front of us.

Fret not, CamScanner saves the day! With this mobile application, you can scan any file through your smartphone and get the image within seconds. You can also convert the file into a PDF format. Just capture the file through your phone’s camera lens and the app will do the rest for you. Easy, isn’t it?

By using this app, you can scan documents into clear and sharp images and email, fax, print, or save for your convenience. It is a mobile scanner. You can use your phone camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussion, business cards, certificates, etc.

Furthermore, this mobile app can optimise scan quality. It has smart cropping and auto-enhancing feature that makes the texts and graphics look clearer and sharper. By using this, you can also extract texts from the image as well. This app has OCR (optical character recognition) feature which can extract texts from a single page for further editing or sharing, but for this function, you need to pay. Likewise, you can share it as PDF or JPEG file. It is easy to share documents in PDF or JPEG format with others via social media, email attachment or online document links.

The user can also invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on their scans in a group. Making annotations or adding customised watermark on docs are made available for the users. In addition, you can set the passcode for viewing important docs. Meanwhile, when sending document link, you can set the password to protect it. For this app, you can also sync across platforms. Just sign in to any smartphone, tablet or computer you own and you can view, edit and share any document. You can get this on your smartphones through Google Play and App Store.

Sign up and start scanning

After you get this app on your phone, you need to create an account by giving some basic information. Open the app and then access your phone camera so you can start scanning your files. Precise cropping and auto-light adjustment are some the functions you can make use of.

Edit files

This app can recognise and extract words from the image. There is a function called Word Edit. This option can let you edit the files after you’ve exported them.

Share documents

After scanning and editing your files, the user can save and send through any platform as well as email the file to contacts.

Sync files

Even when the scanning is done on your phone, you can also open the scanned files on other devices. The thing you need to do is to log in to your account and sync the files and activities.

Enhance documents

Moreover, this mobile application also has functions which let you add watermarks, annotations or comments to the scanned files.

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