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Counterfeit drugs seized

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Phnom Penh pharmacy (KT Photo)

PHNOM PENH,  (Khmer Times) – Health authorities raided pharmacies in Phnom Penh looking for unlicensed drugs (Dexacol and Asmachot) on Tuesday morning, neighbors said.     
In Tuesday’s raid the police arrested two pharmacy runners for smuggling and selling fake drugs at Olympic Sangkat, Charmka Morn Khan, in the Heang Chamroeun and Bayon pharmacies. 
On March 28 Prime Minister Hun Sen signed a sub-decree to better regulate pharmacies — a business fraught with fake drugs. This sub-decree aims to promote professional ethics, the spirit of responsibility, respect for the law in doing business and concern for the people’s welfare.
Having lunch near a pharmacy, 34 year-old Chun Sarann said he was really worried about the medicines stored in private pharmacies around town. He asked that the Ministry of Health and/or other authorities control the private pharmacy’s stock, because he can’t be sure which product is real and which fake.
“We can die from the fake drugs, and it is waste of our time and money.” Chun. Sarann said.
A coffee vendor located in that vicinity, who wishes to be un-named, said that she was very disappointed with pharmacies which sold fake medicines. She did not care how much money she must spend to get an original drug because health has no price tag.
“They [drug counterfeiters] are killers and cheaters so the police must arrest them and take them to prison, and convince them not to sell fake drugs in the future,” she said.

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