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Barbados aware of the risks of legalising marijuana

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Members of the Hungarian parliament vote on the anti-migration law package in Budapest, Hungary on June 20, 2018. Hungary has called on the European Union to change its migration policy and stop the illegal immigration wave in the Mediterranean Sea. Xinhua

BRIDGETOWN (NNN-Prensa Latina) – Barbados is considering decriminalising marijuana, but the government is aware of the risks posed by the measure in terms of drug abuse in the population, said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Edmund Hinkson.

The path to legalise cannabis use will be based on scientific evidence and best practices for it, the official said.

During a meeting with the National Council on Substance Abuse, Mr Hinkson confirmed that preventing the abuse of drugs, both legal and illegal, is a current challenge.

Considerable efforts must be made to provide the best possible education and information on the use of such substances so that citizens can make informed decisions on this controversial issue, he said.

On the other hand, he regretted that younger people in the country are involved in the consumption of illicit substances.

In this regard, he considered that the establishment of an early warning system will be a wise measure in the country.

“It will also be a good omen for the construction of a National Drug Observatory, which will determine the scale of the drug problem in Barbados,” he added.

From a political perspective, he insisted, it is also important to accurately measure the phenomenon, its social and economic impacts.

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