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Um Am An says he waits for the CNRP

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
Former opposition lawmaker Um Sam An. KT/ Chuop Sereyroth

Former opposition lawmaker Um Sam An who was freed yesterday said he will no longer join politics until the dissolved CNRP would be reinstated.

Mr Sam An, an American and Cambodian citizen, received a royal pardon from the King yesterday at the request of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

He said he was pleased after receiving a royal pardon and being released earlier than his release due in October.

Mr Sam An was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in October 2017 for posting on Facebook, accusing the government of ceding territory to Vietnam by using improperly demarcated maps.

Mr Sam An said that he is going to fly to the United States and reunite with his family.

“First, I will go to meet my family because I miss them so much. I do not see any potential political party that I could participate. So I want to wait and see if the CNRP would be reinstated. I fully support the CNRP so I would join this former opposition party if it manages to come back,” Mr Sam An said.

Mr Sam An also called for the release of other former CNRP officials and activists being jailed in Prey Sar prison because he believed they will soon be granted pardons by the King at the request of Mr Hun Sen.

“I strongly believe that all these political prisoners will be released soon. It could be today evening or tomorrow, I am convinced,” he said.

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