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Working out with a friend pushes you to give your workout everything you’ve got and push past your comfort zone. Photo: AIA

Working out may seem like a daunting task to many. The idea of committing to a strict fitness regime and sweating profusely in front of strangers may be a huge turn off for many – leading us to shy away from leading a healthy lifestyle that we desire. Oh, also not forgetting the lack of willpower (we are only human after all) that often stands between you and your dream body.

But there is hope after all. A new research from the University of Aberdeen entitled “A new exercise partner is the key to exercising more”


1. You stay accountable and plan workouts ahead of time

Working out with a friend keeps you accountable – you’ve got to show up and bring it! Plus, you end up planning those workouts and penciling them into your calendar in advance. Being accountable and needing to show up for someone else also results in fewer skipped workouts (and more toning and trimming)!

2. You have someone to share your progress with

Great news are meant to be shared! What makes it even better is when your partner gets exactly how you feel when you’ve achieved the goals you’ve set out as they are entirely with you on this journey.

3. You push yourself past your comfort zone

Working out with a friend pushes you to give your workout everything you’ve got and push past your comfort zone – especially when your buddy has an edge on you. Your competitiveness will push you beyond your limit.

4. Discovering new experiences together

You read about the new barre class on the other side of town but the idea of making the journey, meeting new people and trying to hide your self-consciousness as you master new moves seems a bit overwhelming. Cue your exercise buddy. What starts out as a daunting fitness exercise can soon become a fun fitness outing for two, particularly if you plan to celebrate at that new coffee café after.

5. Builds trust and comfort

Besides the fact that lots of exercises require you to trust your buddy with your life (literally!), if you can stand seeing each other at your worst (sweat-stained and stinky) and still hang out after – you know you can rely on him/her to stick around.

6. You have more fun and recovery time means catch up time

Something to look forward to while working out with a buddy is the fun you’ll have together in class and the time you get afterwards to catch up. Use the buddy system as a time to connect with a friend, try a new class, and reward yourself afterwards.


Before you get started:

1. Sit down and share your aspirations and goals with one another.

2. Plan your progress and highlight expected milestones.

3. Draw out the support that you and your BFF are willing to provide to support each other towards achieving your goals.

4. Add rewards (for achieving said milestones and goals) and punishments if any of you slack in your progress.

5. End your sheet with a signature from both of you. This will constitute a firm agreement to keep you both motivated to achieving your goals together.

During progress:

1. Set small challenges every time you work out together. This will promote you to challenge one another to get out of your comfort zone, pushing you closer to your next goal!

2. Check in with one another on a weekly basis on your progress. How far are you or your BFF from achieving the goals you set out?

3. If any of you are facing any problems, share it with your buddy and figure out a way to go around it!

4. And if you guys accomplished your goals before your dateline – challenge each other to set new goals!

Partner exercises take two people to do. Use each other as resistance and also support in these exercises.

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