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Sao Sokny at the launching of the Major Cineplex by Smart at Aeon Mall 2 in Sen Sok. KT/Srey Kumneth

With seven years of experience working in the cinema, Sao Sokny, the general manager of Major Cineplex by Smart, said the Khmer movies play an important role in pushing for the progress of the local culture, traditions and creativity. It also is a driving force of the economy as no local films is equal to no income for the people in the industry.

During the launching of the Major Cineplex by Smart at Aeon Mall 2 in Sen Sok, Mr Sokny shared that he had been working with producer’s and filmmakers all these years to pull more Khmer movies into the cinemas.

“We continuously work together with producers and filmmakers and try to conserve the cinema and inspire more film productions to create beautiful local films. About the quality of the films we are producing here, we want Khmer films to develop more and exert more effort and creativity in the production. With our ongoing collaborations, I believe we are learning from and understanding each other in terms of profit and production,” said Mr Sokny.

In the case of the Major Cineplex, people were not too fond of going to cinemas to watch films. As a result, the profit had suffered. But Mr Sokny said that over the years, more and more people are getting engrossed to see films in the big screens, letting cinema operators gain more and decide to run more cinema branches.

“Major Cineplex has been running for almost four years now. The reason why we are opening more branches because we see that people are interested in cinemas and watching movies. The numbers grow every year. It was a great challenge during the first year. Only very few came and watched movies with us. But we are glad that the situation is improving day by day.”

With Cambodia’s apparent economic growth and the stability of people’s lifestyles and incomes, cinema operators are hoping for more revenues. But more than the profit, Mr Sokny said that people’s willingness to spend some bucks to watch a film in the silver screen also serves as a great inspiration for filmmakers to create more quality films for the viewers.

Major Cineplex by Smart continuously improves its theaters for its loyal patrons. The cinema has added eight halls, giving a total of 2085 seats for moviegoers. Their VIP Hill also offers comfortable and huge space for a quality film screening.

The Major Cineplex is the first international and standard cinema in Cambodia. The cinema is in partnership with Smart in offering low prices for students. The new branch of Major Cineplex by Smart at Aeon 2 also offers other entertainment options such as Blu, IMAX and Prince VIP Hall. Aside from Aeon 2, Major Cineplex can also be found in Aeon Mall 1, Sorya Center Point and in Siem Reap.

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