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Appeal For Release Of Boeung Kak Activists

Nov Sivutha / Khmer Times Share:
CNRP President Sam Rainsy and Vice-President Kem Sokha visit Boeung Kak residents on 12 November 2014. (Photo courtesy Kem Sokha/Facebook) (Photo courtesy Kem Sokha/Facebook)

PHNOM PENH, 15 Nov. (Khmer Times) – Vice-president of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) Kem Sokha said he will ask opposition lawmakers to send a letter to the prime minister to expedite the release of the Boeung Kak land activists who were arrested this week.

On Monday Phnom Penh authorities detained the Boeung Kak protestors while they were protesting in front of City Hall to call for action over blocked drainage around their village.

The following day Kem Sokha and CNRP President Sam Rainsy paid a visit to the Boeung Kak residents at Tuol Kork. 

In a video statement on social media, Kem Sokha said “I would like to appeal to the city governor and the Prime Minister to come and visit the Boeung Kak residents and (intervene in) solving the problem”.

In the video, Kem Sokha echoed the protesters’ concerns, reporting that during heavy rains, water enters their homes, causing “unacceptable” living conditions.

The CNRP vice-president also said he would call for the city governor to be called before the National Assembly to answer questions about the cases.

In his capacity as First Vice-President of the National Assembly, Mr. Sokha said he would call on the government to release the Boeung Kak land activists immediately and unconditionally. 

He said on his Facebook page “On behalf of elected politicians, people’s suffering is my suffering. I have supported any development that is not detrimental to Khmer people, (for example) losing their lands and living in bad conditions”.

He went on: “I think that this (particular) problem was caused by the wrong development and people have a basis for protesting and demanding solutions.”

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