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PNG airport gears up for upcoming APEC summit

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Jacksons International Airport May 2015. wikimedia/Nick-D

SYDNEY (Xinhua) – Papua New Guinea’s main international airport has the capacity to handle additional passenger demand expected from the country’s hosting of the major Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in November, with preparations including runway improvement up to speed, authorities said yesterday.

The airport is set to fulfill the increased demand, including the landing and parking of large aircraft, such as Boeing 747s, through to smaller planes, Christopher Hawkins, chief executive officer of the APEC PNG authority, told local media.

“The safety of leaders, ministers, delegates and the public is the number one concern in planning for APEC,” the National newspaper quoted Mr Hawkins as saying.

“For commercial arrivals and departures, we have existing flights, and additional flights that will arrive and depart at staggered times throughout the day and night.”

Improvements to the main runway at Jacksons International Airport in capital Port Moresby have also been completed at a cost of 65 million Kina (19.66 million US dollars), reported the paper.

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