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Funcinpec issues bribery warning to members

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:

The Funcinpec party has warned its party members who allegedly scrambled to bribe their way to get jobs in the new government, saying that they could face corruption charges.

The warning came after Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Wednesday that some officials from Funcinpec and the Khmer National United Party have bribed their way to secure positions in the new government.

“I would like to give advice there will be only CPP officials working in the new government, but after that I will consider other political parties that are of potential human resources,” Mr Hun Sen said. “I may offer them posts as secretaries of state or undersecretaries of state or advisors to the government. I will follow it up later.”

In the statement issued on Wednesday, You Hockry, vice president and chairman of the party’s general affairs committee, informed senior Funcinpec members it was illegal to secure government jobs through bribery.

“For this issue, we have absolutely banned it because it is not our Funcinpec party’s policy and it could lead to committing corruption,” Mr Hockry said. “Any individual or group in Funcinpec who get involved with this case have to face the laws.”

Funcinpec won no seats in the National Assembly, but finished in second place in the national election behind the CPP with 374,510 votes.

Mr Hockry could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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