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Boundless opportunities at your fingertips

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Here’s a fact: Cambodian youths have so much potential in them. Here’s another fact: the opportunities to expand this potential is just so vast the only problem that’s hindering young people from getting them is the lack of information.

This is why Youth Opportunities mobile application was made. The app, made by a Bangladesh-based international youth startup in 2017, contains various scholarships, exchange programmes, internships, workshops and conferences from around the globe that can be utilised by the youths.

Millions of youths across regions have used Youth Opportunities as an effective platform to find the latest opportunities and avail important educational chances that can help them grow and develop.

This mobile app is devoted to help young people from every corner of the world to access information on local and overseas scholarships, volunteer positions, internships, exchange programmes and more. Gathering various kinds of information on one platform also helps you prepare the materials you need to apply for a particular scholarship.

Android users can get it for free on Google Play. It will soon be available for IOS users. For more information, you can also visit www.youthop.com.

Countless Opportunities

Once you have downloaded the app on your device, you will discover that opportunities for the young people around the globe are actually enormous. The details are listed in categories: competition, conference, exchange programme, fellowship, etc. Click on any of these, depending on what you want to get and you’ll surely get stunned at how much the world is giving importance to the youths’ potentials.

What’s ‘trending’?

One button of the app is the “Trending”. This button will show you which scholarships or conferences are making a buzz among youths globally. This will help you know which opportunities are the most participated and applied for. The deadlines of the applications are also noted in the list, so make sure you won’t miss it. A missed deadline is a missed opportunity. Always make the most of every chance you get to develop yourself and to expand your horizons.

Specific Information

When you open a specific programme – a scholarship, for instance – you will see the scholarship background, the institution that offers such scholarship and the requirements you will need to comply to get it. The lists provided by the app are accurate and specific, so you will be assured that you won’t miss anything. Through these lists, you will have clearer idea on what you can do to get what you want, or if you really want it.

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