A Love for Life

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Fanella, the main character of the “A Love for Life”, is an editor in a publishing company. She lived with her boyfriend, Steven, who then leaves her for another woman after she fails to bear a child.

Coming back to the single life, Fanella felt so lonely and alone. She previously had a plan with Steven to adopt a child. She tries to process the adoption by herself, but the independent adoption agency would hardly consider her case since there are conditions she has to fulfill in order to show that she is capable enough to adopt a child.

Initially, it was easier to have Steven by her side, but because of their unforeseen break-up, Fanella has to handle the child adoption alone. She feels upset every time she remembers Steven and how he left her too easily. It’s her best friend, Teresa, who keeps Fanella on her feet and reminds her that everything will be okay.

Soon after, Fanella meets Rod, a teacher in the school where Teresa’s son goes. She is attracted to Rod as he is to her, but it is impossible for them to be together since Rod is a married man.

Despite a looming failure of another romantic relationship, Fanella is happy that she finally brings home her adopted child, Ellie. She takes pride in calling herself a mother after all the difficulties she has to endure.

Rod, for his part, gets into trouble after he is accused of child violation at school. What’s worse is that he gets betrayed by his wife and his marriage comes to a sad end.

Will these circumstances lead to Rod and Fanella living happy life together? Will Ellie have a complete family? Will Fanella finally get the happiness she longs to experience?

You’ll find out only if you read this book.

I would recommend this book for you to read not because of its fictional romance theme, but rather because of the learning lesson about the pain of people living alone without children and how to cope with it.

We’ve all been through some kind of pain and there are hurts that can’t be expressed easily. But like Fanella, we have to understand that things happen for a reason and that we should always go for what makes us happy. There will be troubles and obstacles, for sure, but what’s important is that we know ourselves and we know where we want to be.

If you want to read this 112-page literary piece, it is available at the Self-Accessing Center (SAC) of Royal University of Phnom Penh or order online at Amazon.com.

Author: Penny Hancock

Publication: 2000

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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