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From left to right: Mr. David Cole, Director of Atelier Cole, Mr. Phillip Wong, Chief Regional Officer-Growth Markets of edotco Group, Mr. Raveth Hin, PhD, Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering Assistant to Graduate Shool (ITC), Ms. Ir Kumari Nalini P. Subramaniam, Director, Group Engineering & Technology of edotco Group

Phnom Penh, 15th August 2018: edotco Group, edotco Cambodia, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) and Atelier Cole have entered into an agreement to research the feasibility of using locally available bamboo for the construction of telecommunication towers. Under this agreement, Atelier Cole will be responsible for the construction of the bamboo structures following the feasibility research by edotco and ITC. edotco aims to have its first bamboo telecommunications tower ready for commercial use in Cambodia by the end of 2018.

Phillip Wong, Chief Regional Officer-Growth Markets of edotco Group said: “edotco always experiments with materials and innovative solutions to enhance the telecommunications infrastructure industry.

The bamboo telecommunications tower was conceptualized as part of our commitment to green engineering and reducing the impact on the environment. As these towers are constructed using natural, sustainable resources carbon emission is reduced.

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The bamboo towers deployed in Bangladesh have shown a reduction of up to 70% per structure. These towers are also up to 88% lighter than steel structures, easing deployment and reducing the load to buildings”.

“ITC firmly believes that renewable resources can play a key role in innovation and we are delighted to partner edotco on this pioneeringproject in Cambodia. Our country is rich with natural resources, using them to contribute to the nation’s development is a natural step for progression” said Prof. CHREA Rada, Dean of Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Studies indicate that untreated bamboo has the ability to bear the weight of concrete while possessing the rigidity and tensile strength, making it an ideal material as a load bearing telecom structure. It can withstand gusts of up to 210km/h, with an expected lifespan of approximately 10 years with proper maintenance. A bamboo tower takes around 12 days to construct and consumes less energy to manufacture compared to traditional steel towers. The structure has a capacity to house up to 8 antennas at a time, enabling co-location.

edotco deployed the first bamboo tower in the world in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2017 and has since deployed nine more with six in progress. The company continues to deepen its commitment to reducing the impact on the environment through its growing local partnerships aimed at bringing the bamboo towers to the other markets in which they have a presence.

About edotco Cambodia

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Edotco (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., was launched as an independent business in 2013 and is part of the Malaysia-based Axiata Group, one of Asia’s leading telecommunications groups, with Mobile Telephone, Network infrastructure and Digital Internet companies, serving approximately 290 million subscribers in 10 countries across the region. edotco Cambodia is constantly expanding its operations, currently owning and operating more than 2,200 telecom towers throughout Cambodia.


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